SLT (Something like this) Sofa by Maarten Baas has been a great project to work on. With Maarten Baas & Bas den Herder`s unconventional approach, we transformed the early thought of a sofa with irregular shapes into a full scale, high-end modular sofa.

To explain a little bit more on how my role in a design & development process can work for you, I`ll explain the chronology and timeline for this project.

My first action was to set up a briefing to Maarten Baas about how we could translate the initial sketch into a sofa for Moooi (Nov. 2016)

Next I planned a brainstorm with Maarten and Bas. The outcome was to make a sofa system; Maarten`s take on shape& definition lends itself perfectly to create “building blocks”.


This is a 3D model, photoshopped to explore detailling.

After sending drawings and sketches back and forth we translated this idea into series of modules which could actually be upholstered (Dec 2016).

This is the first foam model (jan. 2017) realised with a producer in Italy. The producer in this process has been of great value to maintain speed and allow for many physical iterations.

Hands – on design adjustments

3D model


2D sketch for seams & stitching

First complete foam mock up (Jan 2017)

First upholstered prototype (Feb. 2017)

Some loopholes, prototypes and trials further we finished the Milan prototype with the right level of comfort, detailing, stitching, and fabric. (March 2017)

This a picture of the release of the product @Fuorisalone Milano (April 2017).

The next steps were to translate the physical developments  into CAD files for foam molding. After which the final development & engineering commenced.

Off course such a project has more depth than can be shown on a web page. Definition & design of the separate modules and their configurations have been very challenging due to their non-conform shape and functionalities.

Important for me is to show the relevance of working not only in a CAD environment, but continuously validating looks/function/detailing in 1:1 models when it comes to furniture in this scale & complexity.

If you`re interested in the final product there is a nice configurator to play with: weblink