I believe: there is always a way.

I`ve been active in design & development of high-end design furniture, lighting and interior products since 2004 and have been fortunate to work with the most recognized creators in the industry mostly through my work with the company Moooi .

This experience has trained my conceptual & commercial understanding and over time I`ve established a solid routine translating ideas into technically and commercially viable products.

This understanding, together with my network of dedicated  specialists  in production,  development, brand & product design, product management and marketing are my tools to make design dreams come true.

I love to help designers and brands understand their core values. To realize coherence, following their core, realizing a authentic brand profile and identity. To create a product portfolio supporting the brand, serving  it’s market in the most satisfying way in every aspect of design, execution and commercial proposition.

First and foremost – I love working with talented, nice and inspired people to realize beautiful things together.  It’s  about recognizing opportunity and working together to take opportunity to reality.

I look forward to hearing from you, your ideas, challenges, dreams and projects!